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Todo Trail of Cthulhu – En Ingles

Les dejo este compilado de archivos de Trail of Cthulhu en ingles, con los siguientes PDFS:

The Dance In The Blood.pdf
The Watchers in the Sky.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu The Dying of St. Margaret’s.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu The Rending Box.pdf
[PELGT02] Stunning Eldritch Tales COVER.png
[PELGT02] Stunning Eldritch Tales.pdf
[ToC] Stunning Eldritch Tales Handouts.pdf
Arkham Detective Tales – Extended Edition.pdf
Bookhounds Of London.pdf
Castle Bravo.pdf
Flying Coffins.pdf
GUMSHOE – Trail of Cthulhu.pdf
Invasive Procedures.pdf
Investigator’s Guide To Occult London.pdf
Keeper’s Resource Book.pdf
Keeper’s Screen.pdf
Not So Quiet.pdf
Out Of Time.pdf
pelgt10D – The Armitage Files – handouts (oef).pdf
pelgt10D – The Armitage Files (oef).pdf
Repairer Of Reputations.pdf
RMS Titanic – The Millionaire’s Special.pdf
Rough Magicks.pdf
Sisters Of Sorrow.pdf
The Big Hoodoo.pdf
The Black Drop.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu – The Apocalypse Machine.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu Character Sheet.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu Keeper’s Resource Book.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu Keeper’s Screen.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu Player’s Guide.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu References.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu Rules Summary.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu The Murderer of Thomas Fell.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu The Occult Guide to London.pdf
Dead White World Printer_Friendly.pdf
The Dead White World Complete.pdf

Para descargar, click aqui.